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We are pleased to say that the FCRN website now has an updated look that we think does a better job at explaining what the FCRN is and what we do. Some of the features of the website, such as our publications search function have also been updated.  We will continue making further changes in the coming months, but in the meantime we are keen to hear your feedback - positive or negative - on the changes made so far.

Tara Garnett participated in the Nobel prize celebrations, giving the opening speech the Nobel Week Dialogue event in Stockholm on 9 December. You can watch her talk, introducing the day's discussion here.

Tara was one of 25 speakers, including Nobel Laureates, the world's leading scientists and experts, key opinion leaders, policy makers, and over one thousand members of the public in the audience, who were brought together to "stimulate discussion at the highest level" on the theme of the 'future of food'.

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The last few months have been quite busy for the FCRN –with five events taking place, all looking to bring stakeholders together to explore demand side approaches to creating sustainable food systems. We are glad to share some more details on this work with you all below - do please get in touch if you want to get involved or if you have ideas for collaborations.

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We thought it was time for a taking-stock newsletter to tell you a bit about the FCRN, and show you how you can make the most of being or becoming a member.

Dr Tara Garnett received the 2015 Premio Daniel Carasso at a ceremony in Madrid today (17 September 2015) for her commitment to reducing the food system’s impact on the climate through research and dialogue.

The article ‘Plating up solutions’ by Tara Garnett in the journal Science, which we circulated in last week’s newsletter, has now been made available open access to FCRN’s readership.

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