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Research on reactions to sustainable diet guidelines?

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Hi all,

Is anyone doing research or even just following the news about public and/or industry acceptance of new and recent sustainable diet guidelines?  I'm especially interested in knowing more about how Brazil's guidelines have been received, but I don't read Portuguese.  More generally, I'm interested in comparisions with the US case, where the mere mention of "sustainabiilty" as it relates to national dietary guidelines has proven controversial to say the least.  

I'd be grateful for any tips or insights. 

Susanne Freidberg

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Hi Susanne

The FCRN is currently doing some work (funded by FAO) which is looking at the evolution of official sustainable healthy guidelines internationally.  Among other things it's looking at how those guidelines have evolved and the processes nderpinning them, the evidence drawn upon, what the guidelines say, who the stakeholders have been in the debate as they've evolved and their attitudes to the issues, and whether the guidelines have led onto any specific policies.  So to underline the point, we will be looking at  the different interest groups' positions on the issues in the run up to those guidelines  - as well as examples where there have been attempts to draw up guidelines which have failed.  So maybe semi-relevant to your question?  best  wishes Tara Garnett, FCRN.