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United States Animal Agriculture Systems

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   My name is Nicole Virgona and I am a senior Environmental Studies major at Pace University working on my senior thesis. I am working with Dr. Melanie DuPuis, who is a professor here at Pace University’s Environmental Studies and Science Department. My senior thesis is focused on greenhouse gases and animal agriculture. My question is: How can we make the United States’ animal agriculture system more climate-friendly. I have read research relating to this topic and I would like to know more about current research in this area. I would very much appreciate your answers to these questions: 

1.     While reviewing scientific journals, I have found that the research so far has not led to an easy or universal solution; do you agree?

 2.     What is your on-going research telling us more about where we should focus?

 3.     How will your on-going research contribute to finding the next step to dealing with the carbon livestock issue?

 4.     I have looked at advocacy groups and their role in the public discussion about our carbon livestock issue. What role do you believe advocacy groups have played in this process?


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