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Looking for ideas for new student initiative

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Are you an undergraduate, Masters or PhD student or perhaps involved in education? We’d welcome your thoughts on how we can make the FCRN more useful to this subsection of our membership and to the education community in general.

We’d like to hear if you know of any student groups or societies (especially international or country specific groups) that you think we should get in touch with? Or if you are a student, what could we do / do more of, that would make the FCRN most useful to you?

Are there other ways in which the FCRN might be able to help you further your studies or engage more with people working in other disciplines or sectors?

As to what we already have:

  • The FCRN has a Research Library – here you’ll find our summaries of  over 10 years’ worth of food sustainability research – about 3,500 publications in all. The library is easy to search and should prove an invaluable source of information when undertaking research or preparing for thesis work. 
  • Our publications explore a wide range of issues related to food systems and sustainability on subjects ranging from the evolution of China’s food system, to sustainable healthy diets, to livestock futures.
  • In our blog series FCRN members talk about their research, or discuss emerging topics of concern.
  • Our Research projects sought forum can be used by members – including students – to pitch research ideas and ask for feedback. You might want to ask about suggestions on methodological approaches, ask data questions or want to tie in with an NGO who might benefit from your research. 
  • We are also planning a particular section of our opportunities section where more senior researchers give suggestions on dissertation topics that they think are relevant and would be of interest to them.


Please add your ideas in the comments below or in an email (mariepersson (at)

Any comments would be very gratefully received. Thank you!


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Submitted by dtgrassian on

I am a PhD student at the University of Kent who follows FCRN very closely and uses the site as a resource often. I'm only in my first year, but hope to soon be more active in the community here.

I do not know of any specific groups, other than Uni environmental groups. But I do run a "Vegan Researchers" group on facebook; we have meetings, discuss articles, etc. and I imagine people would be very interested in getting involved in FCRN. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me via the group if that would be of interest.