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Member Snapshot: Peter Thompson

This week we introduce FCRN member Peter Thompson who runs a 3rd generation farm (George Thompson Ltd) and is co-founder of the Chi Group, a sustainable business incubator.

 “At the farm, producing field vegetables and more recently orchard fruit, we are attempting to convert to a sustainable model of farming without harming the commercial viability of the business, informing decisions by adhering to the 5 capital’s framework. Our New Model Orchard project includes various trials of novel sustainable techniques and has increased biodiversity while delivering commercial crops of fruit. Following a 3 year trial of an aquaponics proof of concept unit, this has been expanded to launch a wider commercial project of this closed loop, pesticide and fertiliser free method of production. We hope to see a concentration of sustainable intensification of some crops, allowing less intensive and more biodiverse practices to replace the previous extensive high input field practices. Furthermore integrating significant renewable energy can create a model of food production which has a positive energy related carbon footprint. Through such projects we hope to create a replicable model of sustainable commercial farming, which can produce affordable food for all.”

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