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Network member snapshot: Roger Cozens

Roger Cozens of Greenacres Consultancy is a specialist in sustainable land use and agricultural economics.  He is chair of the International Division of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants and has provided consultancy in over 18 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean over the past 25 years. His experience comes from working in projects funded by DFID, SDC, World Bank, ADB and the EU in developing countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet, China, India, Kosovo, Turkey and in Romania. He has wide experience in managing projects on certification processes for organic standards, fair trade and wild collected certification schemes, fibre crops, essential oil, medicinal plants, agro forestry, biomass and energy crops.

Roger is very experienced in the field of organic farming in developing countries and is seeking collaborations with other FCRN members on this topic. In particular he would like to discuss expanding the vision for organics to include and promote carbon calculator technology in managing land and wants to liaise and work with the FCRN community on carbon labelling/foot-printing.

You can get in touch with Roger via his FCRN network member profile or via e-mail.