Knowledge for better food systems

Network Member Snapshot: Vera Nonaka

Vera Nonaka is carrying out a Masters at University of Central Lancashire (UK) on Sustainable Waste Management.  She is currently engaged in two projects. One is her dissertation where she would like or FCRN members to assist by answering questions in a survey on “Citizenship food networks” (for example, food banks and soup kitchens).

Vera is looking for data to better understand what motivates people to engage or not in those networks; how the experience gained from those networks can be transferred to other people; how the work done by those networks can be supported and widespread into the society; and how engagement in citizenship food network is linked to environmental awareness as a whole. You can access the survey here.

Her second project is a business start-up aimed at the B-2-B (business to business) segment. It provides a virtual marketplace where companies can advertise rests of materials or sub products to other companies (such as plastic for packaging).  

Get in touch with Vera through her FCRN member pages or by e-mail.