Knowledge for better food systems

Conference on the health impact of low doses of pesticides, 20 November 2017, The Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.

The conference ‘Pesticides and food: Is low dose exposure harmful?’ on 20 November by the Epidemiology and Public Health Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in London aims to examine the current use of pesticides in the UK and whether new scientific evidence points to a significant risk to public health from pesticides in our food supply.

At the end of this meeting the participants will:

  • be able to describe the current pattern of pesticide use in agriculture in the UK;
  • be aware of some of the potential ill-effects to human health of long term pesticide use in the food system;
  • understand the current regime for safeguarding the food supply from unsafe pesticide residues; and
  • understand the policy positions of farming and industry towards pesticide usage.

For more information on this event and to register online (until 14 November), see here.