Knowledge for better food systems

CPD for the food sector, IFSTAL, UK

IFSTAL (Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning) is offering a short CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course in food systems thinking and practice, aimed at those working in the food sector.

The course will take place over two days: 8 March 2019 (Understanding Food Systems) and 29 March 2019 (Changing Food Systems).

The course aims for the following learning outcomes for participants:

  • Describe and give examples of what is meant by ‘food systems’
  • Recognise the value of various food system sectors, disciplines and approaches
  • Articulate the key challenges and opportunities facing food systems
  • Describe how food system change is initiated and managed by different actors
  • Map different kinds of multilevel change in the food system

For more details, see here.