Knowledge for better food systems

A Roundtable for Businesses: Can Selling Less Food Make Good Business? 7 April, London

This event is aimed at sustainability directors and managers in food retailing and manufacturing businesses interested in ideas about profitable ways their businesses can help customers buy only the food they will consume, reducing waste post purchase, and move to a more sustainable and healthy diet.

Examples of questions for discussion include:

  • What kind of proposition/product/service does this imply for different market segments? For example is ‘we will help you reduce how much food you waste’ a viable proposition?
  • What is the scope for getting people to trade up to (smaller) more premium products ? Can retailers go further with smaller package sizes without reducing profits?
  • What are the opportunities with frozen food to reduce waste?
  • How can we go beyond overt waste to unhealthy and environmentally damaging diets?
  • What are the implications for manufacturers? How does this mesh with the fierce price competition that exists?

You can read more about the event and register here.