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Comment by Tara Garnett on the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement

Dr Tara Garnett, FCRN (University of Oxford):

"Trump has made a terrible decision. With the effects of climate change on food systems representing a major risk to businesses, livelihoods, food security and public health we simply cannot afford to further delay action. The U.S is also not isolated and will see itself affected by the consequences of climate volatility.

Food systems play an essential role in delivering on the Paris Agreement's targets and on the SDGs, as they contribute with about a third of global emissions. Research clearly shows that reducing emissions and including by fostering more sustainable and healthy eating patterns will bring important win-win opportunities, reducing healthcare costs while providing security for future generations.

Fortunately, change is possible even without Trump. Farmers can produce differently. People can adopt more sustainable and healthy diets. Public institutions and organisations can improve procurement, local policymakers and companies can make sustainable and healthy food easier to access. We can waste less food.  There are many opportunities for everyone – from producers through to consumers – to benefit by taking action on climate change."

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Image credit: Donald Trump portrait by Michael Vadon.