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Join our new discussion forum for civil society organisations - Food consumption & Paris agreement

This is an invitation to all FCRN members working in civil society organisations to join our online discussion forum on food consumption and the Paris agreement. We have set up this forum in response to requests made at a workshop hosted by FCRN in November 2016 on food consumption post-Paris and a second workshop hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future in collaboration with Brighter Green, World Resources Institute, and FCRN in April 2017.

The forum provides a space for organisations wanting to discuss follow-up activities and to share resources on civil society engagement at the COP. At the recent April meeting, participants identified 4 key strategies for civil society action: 1) Developing a coordinated civil society vision and messaging related to diet & climate solutions, 2) Providing resources for technical and scientific bodies of the UNFCCC concerning animal food consumption, 3) Identifying and sensitizing “champion” countries and their negotiators to the issue, and 4) Working more with the private sector to reduce animal food consumption.

We now invite you to either follow the discussions or take part and share resources and ideas related to these strategies, as well as additional ideas for how civil society can engage in this space. Review the PDF files in the forum for a summary of workshop discussion topics and outcomes.

If you are already an FCRN member, simply send your username or email address to to be added as a forum participant. If not, sign up as an FCRN member to take part in the forum. Go to the member registration page and tick the box that says: “Participate in the Paris Agreement forum for CSOs” and then fill in your profile information.