Knowledge for better food systems

Discussion papers


December 2009

(Published in Environmental Science and Policy.) Research shows that livestock account for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global consumption of livestock products is growing rapidly. This paper reviews...

December 2009

Plenary Lecture by Joe Millward and Tara Garnett, given at the Conference on ‘Over- and undernutrition: challenges and approaches’ published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society.



September 2009

Notes from a presentation given at an event organised by the Food Ethics Council in September 2009. The focus is on how and if agricultural GHG emissions would be discussed at the Copenhagen agreement and whether they would form part of any...


September 2008

This report sets out what we know about the food system’s contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Taking a life cycle perspective, it looks at how these emissions arise, both by life cycle stage (from plough to plate to bin) and by food...


November 2007

This paper explores the contribution that our consumption of livestock products in the UK makes to greenhouse gases, the complexities associated with attempts at quantifying these impacts, the options for mitigation and the environmental and...

July 2007

This powerpoint presentation sets out what we know about food and its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, the options for emissions reduction, what is being done to tackle the problem, and the work of the FCRN.

June 2007

Paper by Tara Garnett and Tim Jackson, Presented to the 11th European Round Table on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Basel, Switzerland, June 2007.

April 2007

Working paper produced as part of the work of the Food Climate Research Network

February 2007

Working paper produced as part of the work of the Food Climate Research Network.