Knowledge for better food systems

2019 issues of Fodder

Fodder: 27 February 2019

In Fodder this week: Cultured meat is not necessarily better for the climate than beef cattle systems in the long term, finds a new paper, because it tends to produce long-lived carbon dioxide emissions rather than relatively short-lived methane. In many cases, beef carbon footprints do not report each greenhouse gas separately, making it difficult to assess the true climate impact.

Agroecological farming could feed Europe with lower emissions, according to a report - but a commentary piece argues that agroecology might not help to transform African agriculture, since much smallholder agriculture already uses agroecological principles.

Fodder: 13 February 2019

In Fodder this week: Palm oil, small-scale agriculture and timber are among the top drivers of deforestation in Indonesia - a Life Cycle Assessment for beef cattle production systems across the United States - language makes a difference to customers’ opinions of plant-based foods - and Brexit might not solve the British fishing industry’s problems.

Fodder: 6 February 2019

In Fodder this week: FCRN member Niki Rust is running a short survey on knowledge gaps in the transition to sustainable diets - FCRN member Diego Rose has calculated the carbon footprint and nutritional qualities of diets in the United States - The Lancet Commission finds that countering industry influence is key to tackling the linked crises of obesity, undernutrition and climate change - increasing soil organic carbon levels could increase maize and wheat outputs.

Fodder: 30 January 2019

In Fodder this week: FCRN member Marie Trydeman Knudsen highlights the importance of considering a range of environmental impact categories when assessing organic versus conventional dairy farming - Canada refers to environmental considerations in its dietary guidelines - a new open source license for plant material is introduced - could mushrooms and bacteria feed the world’s population through a nuclear winter?


Fodder: 23 January 2018

In Fodder this week: Coca-Cola may have influenced Chinese obesity policy - FCRN member Danilo Pezo looks at case studies for reducing deforestation through food supply chains - FCRN member Susanne Freidberg writes about corporate food sustainability practices - a new process avoids culling of day-old male chicks in the egg industry - and a paper explores the narratives and policies surrounding alternative proteins.

Fodder: 17 January 2019

In Fodder this week: The Land magazine investigates different viewpoints on meat-eating and veganism; Hanna Tuomisto discusses ‘future foods’ including cultured meat and microalgae; Monika Zurek has developed a process for assessing food system sustainability in the EU; Peter Stevenson argues that industrial livestock production conflicts multiple SDGs; Anke Brons helped organising a workshop on the role of cities in the food system; the FCRN’s Tara Garnett has contributed to the EAT-Lancet report on healthy diets from sustainable food systems.