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2019 issues of Fodder

Fodder: 14 January 2020

FCRN member Francesca Harris reviews the water use of dietary patterns around the world; a study assesses synergies and tradeoffs between human nutrition, environmental impact and animal welfare when switching from current diets to nationally recommended diets; replacing some rice production with sorghum and millet could improve nutrient supplies, reduce environmental impacts and improve climate resilience in India; the FCRN’s Tara Garnett was interviewed by ffinlo Costain of Farmwel on the Farm Gate podcast; and George Monbiot argues in a controversial documentary that much of today’s farming will be replaced by fermentation of microbes.

Fodder: 8 January 2020

Feedback argues that sugar beet production in the UK is particularly damaging to soil; The Lancet has produced a series of papers on the double burden of malnutrition; and a paper by FCRN member Christian Reynolds finds that differences in household food carbon footprints in Japan are heavily influenced by consumption of restaurant food, confectionery, alcohol, fish and vegetables, rather than meat, as meat consumption is spread fairly evenly across households in Japan.