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Organic farming dissertation

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Hi, my name is Sam. I'm a Durham University undergraduate just finishing my second year in physical geography. 


At the moment for my dissertation I am working on the title: “Quantifying the difference between energy efficiency in organic and conventional arable agriculture using data from 200 English farms.” This project would involve requesting data, via emailed surveys, from farms of a certain size about the breakdown of their energy inputs. 


This is a topic with important implications about the environment which really interests me. However I feel unsure about how to find suitable farms to approach and how I can ask questions in the clearest and most effective ways. I’m also aware that there will be inconsistencies in the amount of information which varying farms can and will provide. I was wondering if anyone might have experience with this type of research and could offer any advice? 

Although I feel passionate about this area of research I am considering changing to a simpler project on hydrology where I can collect first-hand data. I thought I would post on here just in case I could find a way of getting good datasets regarding my first proposal. Are there any databases I could get access to for example?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!