Knowledge for better food systems

Call for abstracts: The Future of Food Symposium 2 - Eating Socially and Sourcing Sustainably, Coventry University, UK

10 Apr 2020

Abstracts are invited for the symposium The Future of Food 2: Eating Socially and Sourcing Sustainably, to be held on 10 June 2020. Abstracts can cover topics such as:

  • Community and convivial practices of social eating and management of food surplus through grassroots initiatives, new business models and innovation
  • The risks associated with sustainable sourcing of food in both alternative and conventional supply chains
  • New forms of food practice such as consumer to consumer food sharing and collaboration in towns, cities and rural areas as part of building sustainable food systems
  • The changing nature of consumers’ engagement and market trends in the area of food
  • New digital technology for deploying food surpluses
  • Challenges of, and solutions to, food insecurity and food poverty
  • Practical applications of the circular economy principles to food supply chains such as best practices in managing food surplus
  • Ensuring values of sustainability in the operations management of supply chains

Read more here. Abstract submission is due 10 April 2020. The event team is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will review the event’s feasibility in the week of 13 April 2020.