Knowledge for better food systems

Course: Healthy and sustainable diets - synergies and trade-offs, Wageningen, Netherlands

8 Jun 2019

The Dutch VLAG Graduate School and Wageningen University & Research will host a short course on healthy and sustainable diets from 8 July until 10 July 2019. The course is aimed at PhD students and postdocs as well as professionals from industry and research centres.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Current knowledge base: lectures to obtain an overview of food systems and population health; assessment and evaluation of environmental sustainability and health impact of current dietary patterns and dietary changes.
  • Food systems: lectures to understand the principles and indicators and of healthy diets, global health and environmental sustainability; basic and advanced optimisation methods. Policy alternatives, spatial heterogeneity, foresight and scenarios.
  • Practical work: gain a critical attitude by performing basic calculations of the impact of dietary changes on nutritional health and sustainability.
  • Societal debate with public and private stakeholders in the food system: balancing health with social, ecologic, and economic sustainability.
  • Research needs: filling research gaps, advancing methodology, enabling research infrastructures, data stewardship.

For more details, see here. Register by 8 June 2019.