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Funding: A combined food systems approach to scaling-up interventions to address the double burden of malnutrition, GCRF, UK

7 May 2019

The UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund is offering funding of up to £8.5 million to support interdisciplinary proposals that seek to work across the food system to reduce the global double burden of malnutrition.

The funding body aims to consolidate existing evidence and synthesise new evidence for sustainable, multidisciplinary approaches that address the challenge of chronic global malnutrition. This will encompass both undernutrition (too few calories) and over-nutrition (too many calories), both of which are associated with inadequate micronutrient intakes, otherwise known as the ‘Double Burden of Malnutrition’.

The primary aim of this opportunity is to invite applications for new, innovative research that builds upon and scales up existing investments or strategies in Food Systems that have shown to have potential benefit/promise, to maximise the potential for impact in addressing the double burden of malnutrition.

While scaling-up can refer to physical scaling-up, and in this case it would mean including new regions, or expanding to include more people relative to the existing investments, scaling-up can also refer to inclusion of new elements, which address the double burden of malnutrition within the existing physical boundaries. We might refer to this as a structural scaling-up.

Potential applicants should particularly focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the project proposal, impactful intervention and innovative approach.

For more details, see here. The deadline is 7 May 2019. For assistance or anwers to queries, send an email to

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