Knowledge for better food systems

Funding: Pilot projects, Internet of Food Things Network Plus

15 Feb 2019

The Internet of Food Things Network Plus, led by the University of Lincoln, invites proposals for pilot studies of no longer than six months.

The priority areas for funding are:

  1. New business models, applications of new technologies (including internet of things (IoT), distributed ledger technology (DLT)), to underpin traceability and optimal transfer flows throughout the food chain. This could include regulations, standards, cyber/physical security and other aspects of resilience.
  2. Wide scale application of the internet of things (IoT) for the service community, for example, the secure deployment and use of IoT by commercial and domestic users (refrigerators, cooking devices, etc) to improve efficiency and reduce health hazards or waste.
  3. The development of new digital labelling and packaging protocols that assist with consumer understanding and use of food, as well as the management of the supply chain.
  4. The use of novel digital technologies (e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence and vision) to reduce food waste by optimising whole supply chains from producer to consumer.

For more details, see here. The deadline is 15 February 2019.