Knowledge for better food systems

Jobs: 15 postdoctoral positions in social sciences - Circular Food Systems, Health and Digitalisation, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

20 Jan 2020

The Social Science Group of Wageningen University and Research is hiring 15 postdoctoral researchers. The projects are:

Circular food systems

  • The role of cities in circular food systems: really closing the loop
  • Learning from the Global South: different perspectives on Circular Food systems
  • Mission oriented agricultural innovation systems for circular food systems 
  • Tackling crises in the countryside: an integrative approach to regenerative agriculture, circular agri-food systems, and convivial conservation 
  • Governance and practices of circular food systems: a comparative perspective 


  • Achieving Global One Health: developing adaptive prevention systems for vector-borne diseases. 
  • Developing healthy and sustainable eating habits
  • Understanding consumer food preferences and their consequences for the design of policies to reduce internalities (in health) and externalities (e.g. climate change or pesticides) 
  • Health surveillance: reconciling privacy, progress and paternalism 


  • Digitalisation of agriculture in support of farm business decision making under risk 
  • Developing and exploiting (big) data science potential for business sciences 
  • Optimising last mile logistics for end customer and societal satisfaction
  • (Ir)Responsible communication in the digital public sphere 
  • Blockchain technology and the digital transformation of food governance
  • IT in AgriFood: Business IT Platforms and their governance 

Read more here. The deadline is 20 January 2020.