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Jobs: CSIRO Agriculture Climate Smart Agriculture programme is recruiting two senior research scientists

9 Dec 2017

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia is seeking applicants for two senior research scientist positions in the area of mitigation, life cycle assessment and value chains in their Climate Smart Agriculture programme.

The first position focuses on agriculture greenhouse emissions & sustainability. The role includes developing and applying life cycle assessment and natural capital accounting and providing environmental benchmarking metrics and advice to agribusinesses and other institutions involved in agriculture with the intention of reducing climate risk, maintaining social licence and creating capacity for agriculture to progress sustainable development goals and underpin corporate social responsibility aspirations particularly relating to climate performance. See more here.

The second position focuses on climate change, agri-business & agricultural systems. This role includes developing and applying foresighting, analysis and solutions to help agribusiness and financial institutions meet market, social licence and business growth in the face of climate, climate policy impacts and stakeholder/shareholder/consumer concerns and pressures. The role will span the value chain (and analyse vulnerability across the value chain), take an innovation systems approach to technology adoption, evaluate multi-criteria risk and benefits sufficient to realistic assess natural capital values and integrated progress to millennium sustainability goals. For more details, see here.