Knowledge for better food systems

Research Fellow in Modelling for Food Systems and Agriculture, University of Hertfordshire.

26 Apr 2017

The University of Hertfordshire is  seeking an early career researcher in modelling complexity in food systems and agriculture with post-doctoral experience looking to develop his/her career. The emphasis of the proposed role will be to develop and lead world-class research activity, both initiating research projects and seeking external funding for them. Also, the Fellow will be able to build on and support existing areas of expertise and work in the Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management (CAFEM) in the School of Life and Medical Sciences.

Examples of areas covered may be quite diverse, crossing and linking inter alia: the impacts of climate change, crop and plant production and disease patterns, ecosystem resilience, agricultural and food trade patterns, food supply chain resilience, and decision making. The Fellow will have the ability to use mixed method approaches (quantitative and qualitative) and work with large data sets to design computational based models addressing and simulating, for example, agent based behaviours under different scenarios.

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