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PhD: Estimating the environmental impacts of cultured meat using consequential life cycle assessment, University of Helsinki, Finland

15 Dec 2018

FCRN member Hanna Tuomisto of the Future Sustainable Food Systems group at the University of Helsinki is looking for a PhD student for a three year fixed-term scholarship to study environmental impacts of cultured meat by using consequential life cycle assessment.

Cultured meat (i.e. in vitro meat, artificial meat or laboratory-grown meat) is produced by cultivating animal cells in a nutrition medium by using tissue-engineering technologies. This project will develop consequential life cycle assessment methods for comparing environmental impacts of cultured meat with livestock meat and plant based meat substitutes.

Applicants should have a relevant masters degree (e.g. in environmental sciences, engineering, agriculture or economics) and have good English language skills.

For more information, see here. The deadline for applications is 15 Dec 2018.