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Sandpit and funding: Advanced technology for addressing challenges in water runoff from fields in the UK

28 Feb 2019

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology will hold a ‘sandpit’ event for the rainfall-runoff research community in spring 2019, aiming to generate research proposals which can:

  • Build a better understanding of the problems and challenges posed by water runoff and allow these to be framed in a clearer way.
  • Address the key research challenges that are identified through use of STFC facilities , technology and expertise.
  • Facilitate interactions between key researchers and end-users in water and agriculture.

The sandpit will include demonstrations of scientific advancements in the area of rainfall runoff modelling, including the demonstrations of real time flood forecasting for arable environments, and novel sensor systems for measuring diffuse pollution. Following the sandpit, participants will be invited to apply for funding for ~10 projects at up to £20k each.

For more details and to apply to take part, see here. The call for participation closes on 28 February 2019.