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The 2014 Food and You Survey by the Food Standards Agency

The latest survey by the Food Standards Agency presents results on reported behaviours, attitudes and knowledge relating to food safety issues. It provides data on people’s reports of their food purchasing, storage, preparation, consumption and factors that may affect these, such as eating habits, influences on where people choose to eat out and experiences of food poisoning.

Wave 1 of the survey was carried out in 2010, Wave 2 in 2012 and Wave 3 in 2014. Wave 3 consisted of 3,453 interviews with a representative sample of adults aged 16 and over across the UK.

In addition to an executive summary, descriptive overviews of the key findings from Wave 3 have been published in four separate bulletins, one for each of the following main topics:

  • Eating, cooking and shopping
  • Food safety in the home
  • Eating outside the home
  • Experience of food poisoning and attitudes towards food safety and food
  • production

For more details on the Food and You survey, see here.

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