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The Australian Guide to healthy eating

This blog by Daniel Tan, Senior Lecturer in Agriculture at University of Sydney, discusses how one might eat both healthy and sustainably.

In it, Daniel highlights the new Australian Guide to healthy eating. The guide recommends eating a variety of nutritious foods including vegetables, fruit, grain and lean meat to achieve a balanced healthy diet. Furthermore it indicates the need to increase the consumption of cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit, while consuming meat, fish and dairy products in lesser quantities.

The blog further discusses the global impacts of our diets and also highlights the Double Pyramid developed by the Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition which identifies synergies between food that is good for health and for the environment.

Read more in the blog on healthy sustainable eating here and for more on the guide to healthy eating see the website of the Australian government here.

See also FCRN discussion papers focusing on what a sustainable healthy diet is and how it can be achieved.

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This region of Oceania comprises Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean. Its ecozone forms a distinct region with a common geologic and evolutionary history which has resulted in a set of unique types of animals and plants. Due to the reverse seasonality with the US and Europe, much food produce is exported to these countries in the winter from Australia and New Zealand. Except for the lush rainforest of Queensland and the east, much of the Australia is arid and unsuitable for arable agriculture. The country is considered highly vulnerable to climate change and associated impacts including droughts and wildfires.

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