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Briefing paper: Climate Change and Food Safety

The 2015 World Health Day took place on April 7th, and it focused on the theme of Food Safety. With this day in mind, the  Global Climate and Health Alliance has published a new briefing paper on climate change and food safety.

Key messages:

  1. Climate change threatens food safety in a range of direct and indirect ways, putting health - particularly children’s health - and development at risk.
  2. Health professionals have a responsibility to advocate for strong measures to combat climate change, to protect the health and nutritional status of their patients.
  3. The UN climate negotiations in December present a major opportunity for health professionals from across the international health community can come together to advocate for a strong global climate agreement that protects health.

In an infographic they also summarise some of the main mechanisms by which climate change increases the risks of food and water-borne disease.  This can be downloaded here.

Read the full briefing here.

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While some of the food system challenges facing humanity are local, in an interconnected world, adopting a global perspective is essential. Many environmental issues, such as climate change, need supranational commitments and action to be addressed effectively. Due to ever increasing global trade flows, prices of commodities are connected through space; a drought in Romania may thus increase the price of wheat in Zimbabwe.

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