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Food companies to lobby via Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

The US divisions of Danone, Mars, Nestle and Unilever have established the new Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, hoping to influence policymakers and regulators in five key areas: product transparency, nutrition, the environment, food safety and a positive workplace for food and agriculture workers. According to the Washington Post, the new alliance supports the reduction of salt in packaged foods and the introduction of “nutrition facts panels” to highlight sugar and calorie information (read more here).

According to the website of the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (here), it will also advocate for greenhouse gas emission reductions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, water conservation, regenerative agriculture and shifting towards a more circular economy.

Tom Murray of the Environmental Defence Fund said, “These companies recognize that it is no longer enough to tend their own sustainability gardens. Today’s leading companies are expected to work together to improve sustainability across the global food supply chain and to support the policies needed to ensure a thriving economy and healthy planet.” (Read more here.)

Read the full story here.

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