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Growth in sales of vegetarian food

According to the market reseach company Key Note, the market for vegetarian foods in the UK reached a value of £786.5m in the year ending January 2011, up 7.7% from £730.4m in the year ending January 2007. 

It estimates a 10.3% increase in sales of vegetarian foods over the next 5 years, with market value rising from £799.7m in 2012 to £882.4m in 2016. Key Note suggests that this growth is driven by health, environmental and ethical concerns.

You can read the summary here. The full report costs £985.

To put these figures in perspective, note that, according to the IGD (see here), the value of the UK grocery market as a whole in 2011 (ie. including non food items) was £156.8 billion.

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