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New Land Rights Research Initiative

At the University of Gothenburg in Sweden a new Land Rights Research Initiative (LARRI) was launched in late 2012. The research initiative aims at creating a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and information as well as for promoting collaboration among researchers, students and other actors interested in land rights issues from a poverty and development perspective in a context of global change.

LARRI also wants to encourage transdisciplinary collaboration as well as initiatives to bridge research, policy and practice.  Activities include seminars and LARRI Network Meetings where students and researchers can meet informally to discuss ongoing research, research ideas and possible research collaborations.

An upcoming event is the Open seminar on Large-Scale Land Investments: Curse or Development Opportunity? Participants include: Kenneth Hermele, School of Global Studies - GU, Matthew Fielding, Project Manager at SIANI and Stockholm Environment Institute and Jesper Karlsson, FAO.

For more information please take a look at the LARRI introduction page of Gothenburg University.

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