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News report on American dietary guidelines debate between food companies and health advocates

This Bloomberg article and video interview discusses the new recommendations published to inform the development of the 2015 US dietary guidelines.

It points out that the debate around the guidelines is very uneven;  those opposing the proposed guidelines outweigh those who are more positive (and are generally more health and sustainability focused) by a ratio of about 6/7 to 1. Nutritionists are said to be pitted against “deep-pocketed groups that are spending almost 14 times more cash on lobbying in Washington.” The food industry generally opposes the recommendations made by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee that sustainability dimensions be incorporated into the forthcoming version of the guidelines.

Read the article and see the video here.

Read our two blog-posts about the new US dietary guidelines: one describing the “fuss” about sustainability and another discussing Who will win in the battle over sustainability in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, science or special interests?

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