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Report: Briefing on healthy food systems able to comply with the Paris climate agreement

UK-based organisation Global Food Security has published a short report on ‘Paris-compliant healthy food systems’.

The Paris climate agreement of 2015 saw all 197 parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) pledge to limit global warming to ‘well below’ 2°C and to ‘pursue efforts’ towards 1.5°C. While agriculture contributes some 30% of anthropogenic GHG emissions, much of the initially planned action excluded the food system and focused on mitigation in other sectors such as transport and energy production.

This report argues that the Paris agreement can be used as a catalyst to transform the global food system to produce more sustainable and healthy diets.

For a blog post about the report and to download it, see here.  

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While some of the food system challenges facing humanity are local, in an interconnected world, adopting a global perspective is essential. Many environmental issues, such as climate change, need supranational commitments and action to be addressed effectively. Due to ever increasing global trade flows, prices of commodities are connected through space; a drought in Romania may thus increase the price of wheat in Zimbabwe.

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