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Reports from FAO regional conference Europe

Two reports by the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation on malnutrition and on food waste. 

Report 1 on problems with malnutrition in Europe and Southern Asia

FAO's report “State of Food and Agriculture in the Region, Including Future Prospects and Emerging Issues” was recently discussed at the FAO regional conference of Europe. It provides an overview of the current state of food security and poverty in selected countries of the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region and compares this with the overall global situation. The report also describes how health problems such as stunting in children are widespread among countries of Europe and central Asia.

Read the full paper on the state of agriculture here.

Report 2 on Food Losses and Waste in Europe and Central Asia

The conference also highlighted a report that describes unnecessary loss and waste of good food. It discusses the issues and policy options for reduction of food losses and waste in Europe and Central Asia, focusing primarily on middle and low income countries of the region. FAO officials at the conference stated that ‘coordinated and forceful' actions are needed to help to reduce supply chain waste and change consumer behaviours. They also said that the private sector must take the lead in battling food waste in all areas of the supply chain.

Read the full paper on losses and waste here. For more coverage of the report see here.

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