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What is a sustainable healthy diet?

We are pleased to announce a new FCRN discussion paper which considers the increasingly topical question of: ‘What is a sustainable healthy diet?’ 

The paper begins by highlighting the rationale for focusing on the diets question, and then moves on to discuss definitions of ‘good nutrition’ on the one hand, and ‘sustainability’ on the other.  The main substance of the paper concerns itself with the major food groups that constitute UK’s Eatwell plate, examining the health and sustainability issues that their consumption raises, before drawing some conclusions.  A review of recent studies in this area is also included. An important limitation of the paper is that it focuses largely on developed country contexts.

Note that this is very much a discussion paper and work in progress.  As such we would very much welcome comments and suggestions on this page (where the article was first published).  We’d particularly welcome input from members in low income and emerging economies, where the sustainability and health issues play out very differently.

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