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1 July 2014

This paper provides new predictions of the global climate change mitigation potential of soil organic carbon sequestration on agricultural land.  It asks whether soil carbon sequestration really does have  a major role to play in mitigating agricultural GHGs and concludes that, given the many technical constraints, and the time limited nature of sequestration, its contribution is in fact likely to be minor.  However, as the authors  point out, there are other non-CO2 benefits that arise from building soil carbon, that are not considered in this study.

27 February 2014

A hydroponic farm is being built in a network of tunnels underneath south London. The aim is for these cultivations to supply local restaurants and retailers with fresh herbs and vegetables. The aim of the Growing Underground project is to demonstrate that it is possible to operate a commercial urban farm with a minimal carbon footprint. Hydroponic farming essentially means growing plants in a mineral-rich solution on specially constructed growing platforms under controlled temperature and lighting conditions, making the tunnels a perfect location.

25 October 2012

This book, written by FCRN member, Roger Leakey, is about all the many ways that trees are beneficial to humankind. It also looks at the big global issues of environmental degradation, poverty, malnutrition and hunger that affect the lives of billions of people worldwide and addresses the conclusion of numerous reports that “business as usual is not the way forward for agriculture.”