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External comments on livestock system prioritisation for WWF feed impact review

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Hello, everyone,

We are currently undertaking a review of the environmental impacts of livestock feed for WWF-UK.  The scope of the work includes terrestrial as well as aquaculture livestock systems. Given the importance of livestock type and location of production in determining feed type, we are proposing to focus our review on livestock systems and locations that have the greatest feed demands. We would like to invite external stakeholders to comment on our approach to prioritising this review. We would appreciate any comments on the attached proposal. Specifically, our questions are:

  • Is the method sufficiently robust to identify the livestock types and locations that have the greatest feed requirements?
  • Do you agree with our prioritised systems and regions? Do we risk overlooking a system or production location whose feed has a significant environmental impact?


Please send your comments and views to

Thank you in advance for your help!