Knowledge for better food systems

Marguerite Niybituronsa, Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB)

Marguerite works in the Post Harvest program at Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), and she is also developing research projects for presentation to local and international research partners and donors.

Marguerite collaborates with other researchers in various ways through project implementation, and writing reports and publications to providing training to farmers and mothers in health centres on food diversification and improved processing technologies of fruits, soybeans and other crop products to add value and combat malnutrition.

She says this work is encouraging mothers to use soybean, a rich protein legume that can be used in small quantities to supplement other food to prevent malnourishment among children. It is also encouraging processed fruits and vegetables to be stored for further use in rainy season.

Marguerite would like to connect with other FCRN members who are experts in project development in food and nutrition with a view to developing work together.

You can get in touch with Marguerite Niybituronsa via her FCRN member pages or her e-mail.  

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