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Network member snapshot: Ankit Soti

This week we feature our member from Nepal, Ankit Soti. Ankit is a student from Tribuwan University and the department of agriculture and animal science. He is also part of the NGO Youth Endeavour for Sustainable Agriculture - YES Agriculture. He was recently selected to be part of the South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) and he is also a member of a waste management and economic utilization project.

The project tackles waste and works to turn it into manure for agriculture by vermicomposting and proper management of non-degradable waste. The use of inorganic fertilizer can be decreased when the vermicompost manure is used and it is thus a more organic farming practice.  

To learn more about Ankit’s work see his FCRN member profile. You can get in touch by logging in as a member and writing a message via the member profile (and while being logged in, take the opportunity to change your password).