Knowledge for better food systems


The Food Climate Research Network conducts, synthesises, and communicates research at the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues. Based at the University of Oxford, we work to inform and connect stakeholders with a common interest in understanding and building sustainable food systems.

Our principles of impartiality, academic rigour, and interdisciplinarity inform our vision of a fair, healthy and ethical food system, that sits within environmental limits.

Our mission is to foster the informed dialogue and critical thinking needed to build mutual understanding, and to deliver collective action on food systems sustainability.

To achieve this, the FCRN aims to:

  • Shape the agenda: We undertake interdisciplinary research into food systems and sustainability, identifying emerging or controversial issues of concern and differing perspectives among stakeholders. We produce one or two major reports each year as well as shorter discussion or briefing papers: see our publications.
  • Synthesise and inform: We disseminate and communicate accurate, agenda-free and interdisciplinary knowledge.  Our knowledge hub houses a vast, updated store of research and analysis on diverse issues as well as Foodsource, a structured learning resource on food systems. We also send weekly newsletters, host an updated calendar of relevant events and opportunities and regularly present at conferences and workshops.
  • Foster conversations: We provide real and virtual spaces for stakeholders to share knowledge and perspectives and broker dialogues across sectors, disciplines and ideologies. See our workshops, forums, member blogs and interviews. Sign up to our weekly newsletter to stay updated on our work.

The FCRN is based at the University of Oxford and is part of the Environmental Change Institute’s Food Systems Group and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food.  It was founded in 2005 by Tara Garnett who in 2015 was awarded the Premio Daniel Carasso Laureate award in recognition of her work on sustainable food systems.