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Research Library

The FCRN's Research Library summarises and hosts links to over 3,500 journal papers, reports and news articles representing around 10 years' worth of research and discussion on food systems, climate and sustainability issues.

We have now recategorised much of this content to make searching easier and more accurate. You can search in four ways:


Top level categories: Filter by Food Chain Stage; Food Type; Issues; Theories, Methods and Tools; by the Region discussed; or by the literature Source.


Subcategories: Filter top level categories by their different subcategories. For example, in Food Chain stage subcategories include: Agricultural production, Packaging, Retailing, and Consumer stage, to mention a few.


Keywords: For more specific searches or to see related resources browse through the long list of 185 keywords. Some of the keywords you can search for are: livestock systems, agroecology, yields, life cycle analysis, sustainable healthy diets, soils, glass and brewing.   


General search box: Carry out an advanced search using any words you choose. The search can cope with typos and can locate related terms and alternate spellings.

Note that this reorganisation is an ongoing process and not all content has been categorised into top level categories, subcategories and keywords (options 1, 2 and 3). All the material from the old website is still here though, so if searches via options 1, 2 and 3 do not yield much, try using option 4 - the general search box. And please bear with us while we carry on recategorising.

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