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Conference and livestream: Tenth international forum on food and nutrition, Milan, Italy

The Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) will host the 10th International Forum on Food and Nutrition on 3 December 2019 in Milan, Italy. The theme is “Fostering Business and Innovation while preserving Mother Earth”.

The event will include the following sessions:

  • Morning plenary
  • IPCC Report – Connecting Food and Climate Change
  • Food Education – Rethinking Education for sustainable development
  • Digitising Agrifood – Pathways and Challenges
  • Food & Cities: the role of cities in achieving the SDGs
  • Farmers of the future – Which perspectives for European agriculture?
  • Preserving Mother Earth: Food Culture, Local traditions and biodiversity
  • Fixing the business of Food: the food industry and the SDG Challenge
  • SU-EATABLE LIFE - Driving the transition towards sustainable and healthy diets

The event will also be livestreamed online here. Read more here and book tickets here