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2017 issues of Fodder

Fodder: 16 March 2017

Articles: Reducing pesticide use while preserving crop utility and profitability on arable farms — A healthier US diet could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both the food and health care systems — Virtual land footprint study - Land use and regional supply capacities of urban food patterns: Berlin as an example

Reports: IEA Discussion Paper No.82 CHEAP AS CHIPS: Is a healthy diet affordable? — The food issues census 2017 by Food Ethics Council

Member research: Bioregion Food System Design Project Canada

Books: Environmental Justice and Farm Labor

News: Blog: Dietary guidelines don’t work. Here’s how to fix them

Fodder: 8 March 2017

In this week's Fodder: Tell us your stories – contribute to the blog-series

Articles: Historical carbon dioxide emissions caused by land-use changes are possibly larger than assumed — Agriculture in 2050: Recalibrating Targets for Sustainable Intensification

Reports: FAO report: The future of food and agriculture – Trends and challenges — IEEP’s report: Towards an integrated approach to livestock farming, sustainable diets and the environment: challenges for the Common Agricultural Policy and the UK

News: Updated version of WCRF’s policy framework to promote healthy diets & reduce obesity — 'Free range' milk from cows reared outside for six months

Fodder: 1 March 2017

Articles include: Is trade liberalisation a vector for the spread of sugar-sweetened beverages? A cross-national longitudinal analysis of 44 low- and middle-income countries — Modeling Sustainability: Population, Inequality, Consumption, and Bidirectional Coupling of the Earth and Human Systems — Science-based GHG emissions targets for agriculture and forestry commodities

Fodder: 22 February 2017

Articles include: Nutrition labelling is a trade policy issue: lessons from an analysis of specific trade concerns at the World Trade Organization — The role of private sector in city region food systems — Sustainability Challenges in the Agrofood Sector — Food Production and Nature Conservation: Conflicts and Solutions

Fodder: 16 February 2017

Articles include: New technique using pluripotent stem cells to aid development of cultured pig meat – Consumer perception and behaviour regarding sustainable protein consumption: A systematic review – Dietary guidance for pulses: the challenge and opportunity to be part of both the vegetable and protein food groups ...

Photo credit: Vincent-Lin, Fish, Flickr, Creative Commons License

Fodder: 8 February 2017

Articles include: Assessing the inclusion of seafood in the sustainable diet literature – Five propositions to harmonize environmental footprints of food and beverages – Report by GRAIN about cutting meat and dairy consumption

Fodder: 2 February 2017

Articles include: The water-energy-food nexus: Is the increasing attention warranted, from either a research or policy perspective? – High resolution mapping of GHG emissions and GHG intensity of global croplands – NDC explorer, an online tool for comparing national climate action plans ...

Fodder: 25 January 2017

NEW FCRN Forum: Land-sharing vs. land-sparing debate – moving towards a more constructive conversation about agriculture and the environment?
Articles include: Impact of historical land use and soil management change on soil erosion and agricultural sustainability during the Anthropocene — Global Analysis of the Effects of a GHG Food Tax on GHG Emissions and Human Health — Report with new evidence for existence of environmental tipping points ...

Fodder: 18 January 2017

Articles include: Changing agriculture and environment conversation — FCRN members write on food security, food systems, and environmental change — Report on industrial food animal production in low- and middle-income countries ...

Fodder: 12 January 2017

Happy New Year – Articles include: High yields realised by a pilot bubble-insulated ‘Food to Waste to Food’ growing system, while also cutting energy demand by 80% — Consideration of the potential for micronutrient fertilisers to fight hidden hunger in sub-Saharan Africa — Index aiming to reflect both climate impact and nutritional impact of food products ...