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'Free range' milk from cows reared outside for six months

As Asda becomes the first UK retailer to sell ‘free range’ milk, the Pasture Promise logo will be placed on the milk packages, to ensure consumers that the cows grazed for 180 days and nights and farmers were offered fair price.

The retailer has identified stores in its chain where there is a high level of interest in premium-priced organic products and it will initially put 70,000 litres of Free Range Dairy Farmer’s milk on shelves every week in 109 stores. This initiative is supported by the National Farmers’ Union, who last year warned that as many as one in five of the UK’s 10,000-plus dairy farms could be forced to close, as a result of falling milk prices and debt.

Read the full article in the Guardian here. If you know French you can take a look at a similar initiative in France here.

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