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Special Issue on Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives

special issue of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD) on Cooperatives and Alternative Food Systems Initiatives is now out.

The issue explores cooperative alternative food networks, contributing to the understanding of the function, the challenges and the potential of cooperativism and collective action in enabling more just and resilient food systems. Cooperative alternative food networks are described as emerging powerful tools for community development and important vehicles for cultivating democratically controlled food systems at multiple scales.


Anderson, C.R., Brushett, L., Renting, H. and T. Gra, 2014, Working Together to Build ooperative Food Systems’, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development 4(3), ISSN 2152-0801 (online)

Read the full special issue here, and the introduction here.

For more on cooperatives and just food systems on our website.

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While some of the food system challenges facing humanity are local, in an interconnected world, adopting a global perspective is essential. Many environmental issues, such as climate change, need supranational commitments and action to be addressed effectively. Due to ever increasing global trade flows, prices of commodities are connected through space; a drought in Romania may thus increase the price of wheat in Zimbabwe.

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