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What do we really mean by rural food security?

This is a very interesting take on rural food security from CGIAR guest bloggers, Matthew Fielding, Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Tom Gill, SEI. 

In it, they address the traditional resiliency of small-scale farmers throughout history; however, the speed and impact of climate change challenges traditional methods of adaptation. Put simply, the answer, they claim, lies in markets, trade, and governance.
To read their blog post, click here.  We are interested in your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to share.

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While some of the food system challenges facing humanity are local, in an interconnected world, adopting a global perspective is essential. Many environmental issues, such as climate change, need supranational commitments and action to be addressed effectively. Due to ever increasing global trade flows, prices of commodities are connected through space; a drought in Romania may thus increase the price of wheat in Zimbabwe.

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