Knowledge for better food systems

Who we are

The FCRN is run by Tara Garnett with support from the website manager John Jackson and the communication and outreach manager, Marie Persson. Institutional support is provided by Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute. 

Dr Tara Garnett 

Tara’s work centres on the food system’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and the scope for emissions reduction, considering both technological approaches and dietary changes - and at what policies could help promote both. Taking an integrative, interdisciplinary approach, her interests lie in the relationship between emission reduction objectives and other areas of concern including human nutrition, biodiversity, and animal welfare.  Her focus is on both UK and developing country contexts.  Tara has a degree in English literature (Oxford University), a Masters in Development Studies (School of Oriental and African Studies) and a PhD in food systems research (University of Surrey).
You can email Tara at A list of Tara’s publications can be found here.

Tara is keen to collaborate through the FCRN with other organisations to undertake research, organise events and build and extend interdisciplinary, intersectoral knowledge in this field.

Dr John Jackson

The website manager, John Jackson, has a degree in Zoology from Durham University and a PhD from the University of Reading on the biochemical toxicology of avian serum esterases. In 1995 he jumped tracks into the world of design, working for a small design company for three years. In 1998 he left to set up the Argument by Design (tAbD). Primarily a freelance project, tAbD has links with a loose network of designers and web developers who collaborate on an ad hoc basis. He concentrates on standards-compliant web design and development, with a particular interest in environmental, educational and social welfare projects. He has been working on the FCRN website since 2007.  You can email John at

Marie Persson

Marie Persson joined the FCRN Team in September 2012. She is coordinating the communications work of the FCRN including knowledge exchange and outreach. She is a Masters student in International Administration and Global Governance, including coursework in Communication for Development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Uppsala University in Sweden. Before joining FCRN she worked as a consultant and intern with the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre. She is interested in the nexus between development issues and environmental issues, especially governance/institutional aspects.  You can contact Marie at  


The FCRN is pleased to count on the support of three very helpful and committed volunteers. 

Saher Hasnain

Saher Hasnain is an environmental geography DPhil. student at the University of Oxford (School of Geography and the Environment). Her current research focuses on environmental health in the context of urban food environments in developing countries. She is particularly interested in food acquisition habits, consumer behaviors and personal and social interpretations and adaptations to diet-related health risks. She has previously worked on environmental health issues through photovoice and mapping at the University of Pennsylvania and the development of energy management cultures at Bahria University.

Aleenah Mehta

Aleenah Mehta is an MPhil candidate in Social Anthropology at Oxford University and completed her undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics at St. Mary’s College of California. Her current research interests in economic anthropology center on food policy creation processes and sustainable development in India and Brazil. She also has experience in the nonprofit sector and has worked in the California Bay Area and Sacramento to address food insecurity on a local level and create more equitable communities.